Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is your initial reaction to this story?

-I feel bad for the woman, but she should have known better.

What reason did the employer provide for firing the woman?
-Harassment of a co-worker.

Was the woman's firing legal according the the expert interviewed?
-Yes, everything on facebook is private.

What do you think is meant by the term Digital Footprint?
-The trail left by us in the online medium.

Are the things you post on Facebook and Twitter really private, even if you set your privacy settings to maximum?

-No, everything is public to some extent.

It is clear the woman in the video did not think the comments she made on Facebook would get her fired. If you were her friend and she told you what she was planning to post before she actually made the post, what would your advice have been to her? Why?
-I would have told her not to do that, because everything can be seen.

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